Monday, 24 October 2011

Does the phrase 'like a dog with two dicks' mean anything to you?

This week just gone, I have been walking around like a dog with two dicks. "Why?" I hear you cry in anticipation. Well, the Sunday before last we (meaning the Albion or for the uninitiated 'West Brom') beat our local rivals Wolves. It was a game we desperately needed to win, points on the board were sparse and bragging rights were at stake. Super Chrissy Brunt (as I like to call him) and Peter Odemwingie got the goals and fine goals they were too. The next week however i.e. the one just gone, we played Villa. Away. Our other, more local, rivals. In the 21 years I have supported the Albion, I have seen us beat Villa just the once. As a child, Black Country derbies against Wolves were plentiful and we won many, if not the majority. Villa, however were in a higher division and not to be played against as often. Until last season, I had never witnessed or indeed been alive for a victory against the hated 'Seals' as they are colloquially known amongst Albion fans.

So anyway, last Saturday, we won. I'm not used to this. At all. Ecstatic doesn't even come close. It was like a dream, I'm half convinced I'll wake up soon and find out we lost 4-0.  Jonas Olsson and Paul Scharner got the goals. Super Chris missed a penalty, Alan Hutton committed a disgraceful foul on Shane Long and Chris Herd was sent off for a dubious 'stamp' on Olsson. All in all, an action packed derby, worthy of the label.

Also worthy of the label were QPR v Chelsea and the Manchester derby. What can I say about the Manchester derby ? Except; bloody hell. Didn't expect that one. United capitulated like I've never seen from them. They need to be worried, especially with Anderson in midfield. Inept can be the only description. Although, as usual, De Gea will probably get the blame. Despite the performance of the players in front of him, irregardless of Evans sending off.

As for the West London derby; a classic English game of football. Full of tackles and violence. Just how a derby should be. Always pleases me to see John Terry and Frank Lampard upset. There were many on twitter criticising QPR for not being more attacking once Chelsea went down to 9 men. Surely they would have been foolish to commit more men forward when they were already one nil up. I love attacking football as much as the next man, but when you're a newly promoted team, such a tactic is suicidal. God knows, I've seen the Albion throw away too many games by attacking when they didn't need to. Keep possession, be patient and pray 'til the final whistle would be my strategy on those occasions.

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