Monday, 31 October 2011

Pessimism returns...

Albion played Liverpool at home on Saturday. Never a fixture I look forward to. Ever since a boxing day game a few years ago when they trashed us 5-0 (at home as well) or something horrific like that. All I remember is that I stopped watching and got drunk instead. Seemed like the right thing to do. In all fairness, it probably was. Not this time though, only 2-0 and I didn't touch a drop. But after the optimism of the previous two weeks, the pessimism (which along with cynicism is an essential part of supporting the Albion) has finally returned.

We simply didn't turn up. Admittedly, I missed the first 20 minutes including the 'penalty' but watching the rest of the game we seemed overawed by the likes of Charlie Adam who is without a doubt the most overrated player in the Premier League. We stood off them, not wanting to press the ball, letting Adam and Lucas control the midfield. Lucas is a fine player on his day, he wouldn't be in the Brazil side if he wasn't, but I genuinely believed before the match that Scharner and Mulumbu would give the Scouse midfield a run for it's money especially with the ever crocked Gerrard out injured again. We managed to pull a few decent passing moves together and managed to look dangerous from set pieces (something which for the past 6 years has eluded us) but really, it was a poor showing. Jonas Olsson was unlucky not to score from a corner, but even if he had it would have been too little too late. In fairness to Liverpool though, Carroll and Suarez linked up well and looked constantly dangerous and even Adam played some of the long accurate passes that made his name at Blackpool. I still think he's crap though.

Next up: Arsenal, away. Oh dear...

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